Meet the cast of The Kid!

Christopher Sieber

Broadway veteran and Tony nominee (Spamalot, Shrek) CHRISTOPHER SIEBER is currently leading the stellar cast as Dan Savage. Despite numerous television credits including "Pushing Daisies" and "Johnny and the Sprites", somehow this charming New York actor has never appeared on any incarnation of "Law and Order".

First play/musical you were ever in?
3rd grade xmas pageant "Toystore Christmas" I played Colonel Cuddly...I was sublime...

What's your pop culture guilty pleasure?
I LOVE LOVE LOVE CAR CRASH TV, ANY BAD ASS COPS SHOW .....LOVE IT!! and "Bridezillas"!! Girls calm down!! that and "Tool Academy"....just soooogoooodd!! But then, I get sooo exhausted, trying to keep up with the Kardashians...they are so fast!!

Any pre-show rituals?
Making sure my fly is up...before I ever hit the stage...the 1st thing I do is check my fly......ALWAYS!!!!

Write us a Haiku about yourself (5-7-5).
Christopher Sieber
wanting to eat onion rings
stopping cause of fat

Lucas Steele

Playing Dan's boyfriend Terry is the fabulous LUCAS STEELE. On Broadway, Lucas was seen in The Three Penny Opera (with Cyndi Lauper and Alan Cumming). He is also a singer/songwriter and an original member of The Broadway Boys.

Favorite place in New York?
Any diner in Manhattan around 2am.

What role in anything are you dying to play?
A new character on HBO's "True Blood".

Any pre-show rituals?
Depends on the show and the character. For this one, it will probably involve mouth wash - and listening to a compilation of club music called 'Terry's Techno Dance Mix'.

Favorite Beatles song?
I dare say this question is the hardest one on the list. I just looked through the 199 Beatles songs in my Itunes. I'm gonna say "Blackbird".

Jill Eikenberry

JILL EIKENBERRY shines playing Dan's Mom in The New Group's The Kid. In addition to 5 Emmy nominations for "LA Law", Jill's Broadway credits include Moonchildren, All Over Town (directed by Dustin Hoffman) and Summer Brave.

First play/musical you were ever in?
Bye Bye Birdie in community theater

Favorite Showtune?
"If I Loved You"

Favorite place in New York?
The Metropolitan Museum of Art

What role in anything are you dying to play?
Amanda in The Glass Menagerie

Susan Blackwell

An avid teacher of creative writing, performance and vampire slaying, SUSAN BLACKWELL has written and performed original material for many projects, including the Broadway production of [title of show] and's Side by Side by Susan Blackwell. In addition to playing Anne and additional roles in The Kid, Susan is currently developing a theatriconcert entitled And Now This Is Happening.

If you could live in any fictional universe
(Hogwarts, Middle Earth,Starwars, etc.) where would you go?

Hogwarts year 5

What's your pop culture guilty pleasure?
I'm an unabashed pop culture junkie: Twilight, "The Real Housewives", "Project Runway", "American Idol". Haters to the left.

Any pre-show rituals?
Yoga, vocal warm-up and circle up with the cast (that's right me in the green room in 5 minutes).

Write us a Haiku about yourself (5-7-5).
Susan Blackwell is
All up in your business and
Stoked to lick your face

Ann Harada

The magnificent ANN HARADA joins the The Kid as Ruth and additional roles after having previously worked with The New Group on Avenue Q, in which she originated the role of Christmas Eve, going on to play the role on Broadway and in the current West End production. Other Broadway credits include 9 To 5 (Kathy, u/s Violet) and Les Miserables (Mme. Thenardier).

What's the last text message you sent?
"Well, I put too much garlic in it
and then tried to balance it out with lemon".

What role in anything are you dying to play?
Dolly Levi in HELLO DOLLY.

If you could live in any fictional universe (Hogwarts, Middle Earth, etc.) where would you go?
Starfleet Command and I would be a
communications officer, thank you.

Write us a Haiku about yourself (5-7-5).
Actress and mother --
Nothing gets done on time now
I forget so much.

Brooke Sunny Moriber
Sunny Moriber

Sultry siren Brooke Sunny Moriber rounds out this trio from The Kid as Susan and additional roles. No stranger to The New Group, Brooke appeared in Aunt Dan and Lemon and Hazelwood Jr. High. On Broadway, Brooke originated the roles of Nadine in The Wild Party, Iola Stover in Parade, and Lily in James Joyce's The Dead. When not performing theatrically, she can be found rocking out her original music in clubs all over Manhattan.

Favorite showtune?
Today it's "Behind the Wheel" from The Kid---it's stuck in my head dammit!!

What role in anything are you dying to play?
Sweeney in Sweeney Todd--I know, it's a stretch

If you were to write a "Dear Dan" letter for advice, what would you ask the
real Dan Savage?

When I have a kid one day, can you give the "sex talk" for me?

Write us a Haiku about yourself (5-7-5).
I am a foodie
Who loves music just as much
Pizza and Pearl Jam

Jeannine Frumess

Newcomer JEANNINE FRUMESS makes her off-Broadway debut with The New Group playing Melissa, the teen mom contemplating allowing Terry and Dan to adopt her unborn baby. Although she is a recent graduate of Vassar College, Jeannine is no stranger to the New York stage. Her credits include Burn (NYC Fringe), Café Playa Moon (78th St. Theatre Lab), and Songs for a New World (The Tank)

If you could live in any fictional universe (Hogwarts, Middle Earth, Starwars, etc.) where would you go?
Effing Hogwarts, man. I've read the Harry Potter books so many times it's like I already went there.

Favorite junk food?
Candy made to appeal to 5-10 year olds. Like fun dip. Or mini gummy bears.

Favorite childhood movie or television show?
SO MANY. Ferngully. And also "Rocko's Modern Life", "The Tomorrow People", "The Animaniacs" (I have two of the cds from that on my ipod) and "The Weekenders". And "Two of a Kind" because I had a crush on Chris. Seriously. But don't tell him that - that's embarrassing.

Write us a Haiku about yourself (5-7-5).
My name is Jeannine.
I am writing a Haiku.
Thanks for reading it.

Michael Wartella

Playing opposite Jeannine as Bacchus is MICHAEL WARTELLA. Michael has appeared Off-Broadway as JoJo in Seusical with Theaterworks/USA and in Oliver Twist in a co-production with A.R.T, Theatre for a New Audience (Off-Broadway), and Berkeley Rep. His film credits include Gibbz in Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet, and Young Benjamin in the Hallmark original movie Loving Leah.

Favorite place in New York?
South Street Seaport

Favorite Beatles song?
"Here Comes the Sun", it makes me think of my son, and I can get a perfect score with it on the drums of Beatles rock band (what,WHAT!)

If you were to write a "Dear Dan" letter for advice, what would you ask the real Dan Savage?
Dear Dan, I don't have a lot of free time so when I do have it I usually have a little fun on the Internet. My issue is that it has become so habitual for me to have cyber fantasies with pictures of celebs in my spare time, that I find myself doing it even when I don't really want to, I guess out of obligation to the moment. My thinking is "well, I may not get another chance to be alone for a while so I guess I have to do this." I have a feeling, that feeling myself, has become a chore. What do I do? Signed, Weary Wanker in Washington Heights.

Write us a Haiku about yourself (5-7-5).
I love my family
I work to get what I want
I am so grateful